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10 Years
Raga Surabhi

A note from Dr. Uma Ram and team:

We are delighted to celebrate 10 years of Raga Surabhi with our beloved rasikas. For the next few weeks, you will find special videos celebrating 10 years of Raga Surabhi on our home page here. We are very grateful to all rasikas who helped us in putting this together. Do share your feedback. As always, we love hearing from you!

Week 525 Special Quiz - Raga Treasure Hunt (Results & Winners announced!)
Quiz 529 (Open)
Quiz 528 (Closed)

Attention Rasikas! Mr. Suryanarayanan, who has contributed to the Laya Lahiri series on Raga Surabhi teaches Mridangam online. For Mridangam classes, please click here

Durga Puja Special - A Bengali Brindavana Saranga!

Jaya Jaya Durge!

Rasika best wishes - Audio messages

Rasika Comments and Best wishes - Part - 3

Onam Special song, Onamalarukal

Rasika comments and best wishes - Part - 2

Collaborators - Best Wishes!

Rasika Comments and Best Wishes - Part - 1

Vinayaka Chathurthi Special - Shri Mahaganapathiravathumaam

Comments & Best wishes from Rasikas - A Curtain Raiser

Bala Surabhi - Best wishes from young rasikas of Raga Surabhi!

Raga Surabhi 10 years - Seeking Guru's Blessings


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