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450th week Special Quiz - Twin Raga Delight The Raga Surabhi Weekly Quiz Contest:
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Week 450 Special Quiz - Twin Raga Delight


Dear Rasikas,

Welcome to yet another edition of special quiz for the successful completion of 450 weeks of Raga Surabhi!!

In all these years, after doing those raga comparison episodes, we realised that we have never taken up a full quiz addressing the twin raga aspect of Carnatic music. So this time here we are with the 'Twin Raga Delight', a special quiz exclusively featuring twin ragas :)

We hope our rasikas would find the quiz both challenging and enjoyable!

Rules of the game

1. There are 12 audio clips in total and each clip features one twin raga couple.

2. In each audio clip, a few raga phrases have been sung. The number of phrases available in each audio has also been mentioned along with the name of the twin raga featuring in the clip.

3. Rasikas have to identify if a particular phrase belongs to twin raga A or B or can be a common phrase which could feature in both ragas. Confusing?? The sample question is right below :)

Twin Raga Delight Quiz - Sample Question and Answer

Take a look at the sample question - Amrithavarshini - Mandari ( 5 Phrases)

Please listen to the clip. You will find five phrases, A, B, C, D, E in the audio. Lets assign the different phrases now.
Phrase A contains swaras which occur in both Amrithavarshini and Madari. So, A has to be a common phrase.
Phrase B contains R1 so it is a Mandari exclusive phrase
Phrase C omits R1 in the descent hence it is Amrithavarshini
Phrase D is Mandari
Phrase E is Amrithavarshini.
Got it??
So, the final answer is -

Common  ,  Mandari  ,  Amrithavarshini  ,  Mandari  ,  Amrithavarshini

Rules of the game (cont'd)

4. The quiz might look a little tough but once you start solving, we are sure you will find it quite interesting. The key is to focus on each phrase separately as you listen to the clips! As always, we are eagerly waiting to be surprised with your performances!

5. And, last but not the least, please note the following:
    - Deadline for submission: 25th April 2018
    - Send answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com

Have loads of fun and all the very best!

Twin Raga Delight Quiz - Questions

Please mail your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com before 25th April 2018. All the best!