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A very special quiz to mark this unique milestone -
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Rasika Login FAQ

Why should I sign up and connect with my Facebook or Google account?

You need to sign up if you would like to view and participate in Raga Surabhi Weekly Quiz contest. All other content on this site like Ragas, Raga Comparisons, Songs, etc. do not require rasikas to be logged in.

How does Raga Surabhi Login work?

You can login to Raga Surabhi via either your Facebook or Google account. You need to click on the Facebook / Google button and you will be redirected to their website. You need to give permission to Raga Surabhi Quiz app to access your basic profile information. We pull your basic info (name, email) and store it in our backend server. Note that every rasika registered in our system must have a valid email address as we use that to generate a unique RasikaId.

What is RasikaId?

RasikaId is like your username for Raga Surabhi. It is based on rasika's email address and uniquely identifies each rasika.

Issues with Facebook Login

Few rasikas registered with Facebook have reported facing issues if they have registered using only their phone number. This may be because their facebook profile may not have email address associated with it. As mentioned previously, email address is required to register with Raga Surabhi. To fix this issue, please try using your Gmail account.

Issues with both Facebook and Google Login

These are general tips. Sometimes, we try these tips ourselves :)
1. Try using a different browser (among: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge)
2. Try using a different machine
3. Try using a different social profile (Google instead of Facebook or vice versa)
4. Try logging in via a Private Window of web browser's (In browser menu, go to File and then look for 'New Private Window' or 'New Incognito Window' menu item)
5. If none of the above works, please email us: ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. Please include relevant details regarding the error you get.

Do not have Facebook or Google account

Few of our rasikas have reported that their friends and family, especially seniors, who are not very tech savvy, are facing issues with the Facebook/Google Sign-in solution. In exceptional cases, we allow rasikas to request a RSPass (Raga Surabhi Pass) to view and participate in Raga Surabhi Quiz.
Please follow the instructions on Request RSPass page

How do I use RSPass to participate in the Quiz?

Please follow the RSPass Login page and enter your email address and passcode we sent via email to login to Raga Surabhi site. Then visit the quiz page. You will automatically be show the quiz clips and form to submit quiz answers. Please get in touch with us regarding any questions at email: ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com