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Week 300 Special Quiz


Note: This quiz is over. See below for quiz answers and winners

Welcome back to this edition of Raga Surabhi Special Quiz! Are you excited and geared up??

We try to package our 'Special quiz' in new formats every time and this time too, we are glad, we could come up with something novel and interesting. It is, in fact, a revelation to us that, just like 'Manodharma' in Carnatic music, Carnatic quizzes can also be presented and packaged in different dimensions!

Let's now talk a little bit about our 'AAA' quiz! AAA has got nothing to do with the AAA batteries we all know :) It is the abbreviation for 'Akaaram - Arohanam - Avarohanam'!

Now you know what this quiz is all about.

Arohanam Avarohanam defines a raga and is the first step towards understanding the swaras present in it. However, majority of rasikas, who are not trained in Carnatic music, tend to identify ragas only through specific patterns and phrases and not through Arohanam-Avarohanam or the swaras present. This quiz is a friendly way of nudging such rasikas to understand ragas through their Arohanam-Avarohanam. And, of course, this is an opportunity for our young Carnatic students/rasikas to test their understanding in this area. We hope you will enjoy solving this quiz!

Week 300 Special Quiz Winners

Dear Rasikas,

Raga Surabhi thanks each one of the contestants for their enthusiastic participation. Several rasikas have been spending a lot of time on this quiz, revisiting and revising their answers and we really appreciate that! We are glad that our clues have indeed helped rasikas in coming closer to the correct answers. Our intention behind all these quizzes is to reinforce what is already known to rasikas or to give them an opportunity to attempt or learn something new. This quiz, we hope, will act as a tiny catalyst for many rasikas to start understanding ragas from the perspective of their arohanam-avarohanam.

Before we go to the winners, our hearty congratulations to all the winners and three cheers to the perfect scorers! A salute to the rasikas who cracked the quiz before the clues were published!

And, lastly, as a small token of appreciation we would like to offer any one item in the $5 category of their choice from Raga Surabhi Gumroad store (click here) free to all perfect scorers (with or without clues). Note to all correct winners: Please email us your preference by browsing through our catalog in Gumroad store and we'll send the download link to you.

Perfect scorers : All correct - 200 points (Applause!)

Without clues:

Vijay Kannan, Raveendranathan R M, Lalitha R, Meera-Deepa-Vatsala Trio

With clues:

Sai Venkatesh B, Prahalad R, Krishnaprabha C, Prabha R

Just missed : 180-190 points

Vyaas R, Lalitha S, Nirmala H K, Ambareesh Iyer, Manasa Rekha, Meena S, Janaki L, Manasi P

Missed a few : 140 - 180 points

Chaya Rao, Gayathri R, Viji G, Malini S, Sujatha R, Arun C, Vasu K, Umasaras, Sachidananda, Sattanathan S, Chandramohan N, Chandra Gopalan, Nags Roopa

Other creditable performances:

Karthik N, Deepa V, Swarna S R, Lakshmi M, Swathy V, Sindhu V, Anuradha R S, Suresh N, Raja Bhuvana, Malavika R, Sridharan K

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Rules of the game

1. This quiz has 20 audio clips. Listen to each clip and guess its Raga.

2. All clips feature Arohanam-Avarohanam in 'Akaaram' instead of ragas.

3. A clip could feature Arohanam-Avarohanam in their complete or partial form based on which rasikas must identify the raga featured in the clip.

4. Every correct answer gets 10 points, so the maximum score possible from 20 questions would be 200 points.

5. The last date for receiving answers for this quiz is: Note the deadline: 17th June 2015, 11 a.m. IST. This quiz is over. See below for quiz answers and winners Answers should be mailed to quiz@ragasurabhi.com

6. As in any quiz, there are some easy, some not so easy and some tough questions! So, watch out!

Needless to say, we allow rasikas to refer Raga Surabhi, to come up with their answers. And, there's your clue!

All the best!!

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Week 300 Special Quiz Answers

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