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Week 750 Special Quiz - Raga Handshake

(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)

Week 750 Special Quiz Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:
Very much delighted to publish the results of this special quiz. Heartiest congratulations to all the participants and many many congratulations to all the winners!

» Perfect Scorers - Aravind Suresh T, Chandramohan Nair, Vasudevan S, Rajaratham S, Ranga Iyengar, Arjun Naikare, Prema Peethambaram, Sidharth Siva, Seetha Subramanian, Vasuki P, Pavithra R, Sarath R, Vaishnavey SR, Palaparuthy Sai Sravya, Nagarajan Narayana Iyer, Geetha Nagarajan, Aparna G, Sumasri Vegesna, Shaila Kamath, K Sridhar, :

» Just Missed - Vidya Shankar, Saipriya V:
Special mention - Kudos to the wonderful compilation of answers submitted by Sarath Ravikumar, Vasudevan S and Rajarathnam S. :
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Dear Rasikas,

This week marks the incredible milestone of Raga Surabhi completing its 750th week! It's truly amazing, isn't it? Raga Surabhi Team wants to express its heartfelt thanks for being an integral part of this beautiful musical journey and for your consistent support and encouragement in all our musical experiments.

So, what's special this time? We've prepared a little fun quiz inspired by our 'Kriti Handshake' Special Quiz. Yes, this time it is the 'Raga Handshake.'

The rules are simple: a syllable is provided, and your task is to identify two ragas in such a way that the ending syllable of the first raga is the starting syllable of the second raga. Please go by the pronunciation of the syllable while identifying the ragas.

Example -

Syllable - am

Raga 1 - Malayamarutham

Raga 2 - Amrithavarshini

Thank you once again for your continuous enthusiasm. Let the Raga Handshake fun begin!

Please mail your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. The last date for submitting your answers is 21 Jan, 2024.

Week 750 Special Quiz - Raga Handshake - Questions

Question 1 -ni

Question 2 -ki

Question 3 -hari

Question 4 -si

Question 5 -ti

Question 6 -sh

Question 7 -ga

Question 8 -ma

Question 9 -da

Question 10 -mu

Question 11 -ri

Question 12 -ka

Question 13 -ya

Question 14 -gu

Question 15 -ana


1. Please do not repeat ragas.

2. Choose ragas which are popular and have at least one known kriti.

All the best and eagerly awaiting your answers!!!
Please mail your answers to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com. The last date for submitting your answers is 21 Jan, 2024


Week 750 Special Quiz Answers

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