Raga identification made easy!

Week 775 Special Quiz - Nano Raga


Dear Rasikas,

Welcome to yet another edition of Raga Surabhi Special Quiz.

This special quiz is really really simple. This is just a miniature of our weekly raga quizzes that you all are so used to participating all these years. The difference is here you have to identify the raga with just a single phrase that is featured in the audio clips below. Now you know why we are calling it 'Nano Raga' :) There are only 10 audio clips and each clip is not more than 8-10 secs. If you know the answers, you can finish it off in just 5 minutes! A real nano special quiz :)

So get set and go! All the best and we are looking forward to your answers.

The last date for sending in the answers is 19th July 2024. You can send the answers by mail to ragasurabhi@ragasurabhi.com or WhatsApp to +91 73055 13663 . The format for sending the answers is simple, just the question number and raga name in a single message along with the name of the person sending it.

Have fun and happy quizzing!

Nano Raga Quiz - Questions

Please mail your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com before 19th July 2024. All the best!