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Special Quiz - 8 Years

(NOTE: This quiz is now over. See below for quiz answers and winners)

Special Quiz 8 years: Winners

A note to participants from Raga Surabhi:
Dear Rasikas,
We are happy to announce the results of this edition of special quiz
Hearty congratulations to all participants and winners of this special quiz. As always, rasikas have done extremely well! Special congratulations and kudos to the perfect scorers, who have got all correct in both Tamil and Non-Tamil segments!

» Perfect scorers: All 20 correct: Sarath R, Vyass R, Naga Rajan, Vatsala S, P A Srinivasan, Viji G
» Tamil:
All 10 correct - Lalitha S, Meera N and Vatsala L, Harishankar K, Deepa R, Swarnalakshmi, Sattanathan S
Just missed - Usha K
Creditable Performance - Vasudevan S, Anuradha S

» Non-Tamil:
All correct - Vasuki, Krishna Kumari
Just missed - Usha K, Harishankar K, Meera N and Vatsala L
Creditable Performance - Vasudevan S, Anuradha S

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Dear Rasikas,
This is a sequel to our Special Quiz released for 7 year completion of Raga Surabhi! Many of you had shared with us, the fun you had figuring out the raga names from their funny English translations and also had requested for a sequel :) We thought this time we will extrapolate this glorious idea to Carnatic kritis as well ;)

Rules of the Game:
* You are provided with approximate translations of the pallavi lines of various popular compositions, you need to identify the composition.
* This quiz is in two segments, 'Exclusive Tamil Kritis' and 'Non-Tamil Kritis'. Rasikas can choose to answer any one or both the segments. Each correct answer would be worth 10 points. As always, we are waiting to be surprised by different possible answers rasikas might come up with :)
* Deadline for submission - 8th September. Please send in your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com.

Wishing you lots of fun and excitement! Check out the sample questions before you start solving!

Segment 1

Sample Question: Why should a beautiful veena be made and then be thrown away in dust?
Answer: Nallathor veenai seithey adhai nalam keda puzhuthiyil erivathundo?
Question 1: What complaint would I have, when my heart is already mesmerised by the melodious flute, oh my dear friend?
Question 2: Muruga! Bless this stone hearted devotee who refuses to bow to you!
Question 3: Which other God could be equal to the Lord of Thillai?
Question 4: To see the beauty of His dance, don't we need a thousand eyes?
Question 5: How did they sing...I mean, those devotees...
Question 6: By which name should I address you so that you would come and take charge of a simpleton like me?
Question 7: Grant me the boon of 'No Rebirth', Oh God!
Question 8: For your well being, oh mind, daily chant the name of Lord Rama.
Question 9: Please tell this identification to my beloved, hey Hanuman!
Question 10: I am reminded of you Krishna, in the feathers of a crow.

Segment 2

Sample Question: Does wealth give happiness? Or the abode of God Rama?
Answer: Nidhi chaala sukama ramuni sannidhi chaala sukama?
Question 11: Oh Goddess Mother! Who else will take care of me in this world? Oh Mother of three worlds!
Question 12: Hey Raghurama! Is it so hard for you to protect this one person?
Question 13: O Kamakshi! The one who purifies and forgives our sins! O Amba! Protect me!
Question 14: Grant me the boons I ask for Kadanthapani!
Question 15: One who attracts Gopikas and the one who killed the haughty Kamsa, to that God who lifted the Govardhana mountains, I pray.
Question 16: Oh Mother! When I call out to you would you not come and converse with me?
Question 17: One who dwells in Venkata mountains and Vaikuntam, one who is lotus eyed and pure, one who carries the conch and chakra and has a divine form.
Question 18: Oh Devi! The one who grants boons and the destroyer of Mahishasura!
Question 19: Hey mind! Think of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari and forget the fears of worldly ties and bondages.
Question 20: Come Krishna! Come to your devotees house now!

Please mail your answers to quiz@ragasurabhi.com on or before 8th September 2017.


Special Quiz 8 years Answers

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