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Blog : Week 13 Updates

"Look back with gratitude and look forward with hope"

So, here we are looking back at the successful completion of three months with lot of thanks and gratitude to our inspiring rasikas and we hope to do better and better in the coming weeks with all your wishes.

Though we do know that three month milestone is really small and we do have a long way to go, but it does feel good when some of you wrote to us on the experience of using Raga Surabhi in identifying ragas. It is indeed an honor to have at least met some of your expectations. Some excerpts of your comments are:

"As a carnatic music listener this is what I've been wishing for - how to learn to recognise ragas?? I really love the representation of each raga in carnatic and cine forms. For me the 'icing on the cake' is the clear rendering of the signature of each raga. It sticks to your mind and helps in identifying a raga whenever heard!!

Using the arohanam/avarohanam, I've tried to play the notes of a few ragas on my keyboard and have started to appreciate them. When I listened to 'Karpagame' I was able identify the raga 'Madhyamavati'. I would'nt have been able to do this a few weeks ago. Your excellent efforts are definitely worthwhile and is being put to good use."
- Vijayanand Narayanan, London

"Very nice to visit such a nice and informative web site. Once again, my pranams to who are all working behind the website. Wonderful information about Carnatic music."
- Balaji, Abu Dhabi

"We get to know the Raaga of both carnatic and cine songs which is a very good feature of this site."
- Sangeeta Chandrasekar

"The signature aspect of the ragas, immediate samples and cine songs are key aspects of this site"
- Vijayakumar Ganapathy Sankaran

Thanks for all your wishes.

Coming to our weekly update we have as usual:

- Hamsanandhi and Lalitha added
- Dikshitar's kriti on Godess Meenakshi is the full song of the week
This is a composition of Sri Muthuswamy Dikshithar in the ragam Gamakakriya (Purvi Kalyani). Dikshithar composed this krithi in the praise of Goddess Meenakshi, the presiding deity at Madurai, during his visit to Madurai. This is supposedly is his last composition. Dikshithar captures the beauty of Goddess Meenakshi in his indomitable style.
- Weekly quiz and the winners for last week

Suggestions/comments - please do write to us or blog your thoughts.
Happy listening and have a great week ahead!

This week's update features the following::

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