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Blog : Week 50 Updates

Dear Rasikas,Yes! It is the Golden Jubilee milestone week and indeed a very special moment for all of us in Raga Surabhi family.  We are sure all of you feel the same joy and happiness as the Raga Surabhi Team members for making it thus far.  Raga Surabhi thanks each one of its rasikas and supporters for being part of this marvellous journey and for encouraging us with your feedback, comments and participation in the weekly quiz with passionate enthusiasm.  A BIG and special thanks to each one of you!The Raga CrosswordSo, what's special for the Golden Jubilee? We are really thrilled to launch a special quiz commemorating the 50th week of Raga Surabhi, - a  Raga Crossword! It is available at http://new.ragasurabhi.com/crossword/rscw.html (new window). Do check it out.A couple of things we would like to mention about the technology behind Raga CrosswordThe Raga Crossword page is hosted on Google App Engine. We have hooked it up so that you can submit the crossword answers online via the page itself and we will be able to look at your answers from the app engine servers. We have not had a chance to do extensive testing, so please bear with us if you run into any issues there. The crossword page is designed to be interactive where you can enter the answers on the crossword grid. This has been made possible due to an excellent piece of open source javascript based crossword engine we found on the Web. The JavaScript Crossword Engine is authored by Pavel Simakov and available under LGPL software license on the same site here.Raga Crossword Tips:We have provided short audio clues for the crossword.  The clues have been deliberately kept short because after all the training so far, we are confident  tht rasikas should be able to spot the answers in no time. :)The crossword answers are not only just raga names, they can also be terms related to carnatic music.  Roughly the syllabus for the crossword would be 80% Identifying Ragas Page and 20% Surabhi Post! True to the spirit of crossword, watch out for googlies!Since it is a longer quiz than usual, we would like to give our rasikas sufficient time.  The last date for submitting the solved crossword is 25th Aug 2010.  Please note that the weekly quiz  50 results would be published next week as always!  So do send in your answers for regular quiz by then.Week 50 Update:Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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