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Blog : Week 54 Updates

Dear rasikas,

After last week's heavy update, we want to keep it light this week. Before we talk about this week's update, we would like to thank all rasikas who have taken time out to write to us on Raga Surabhi's first anniversary. Thank you rasikas!

This week's update features our usual Weekly Quiz and Do It Yourself exercises.

Plus, there is a Surabhi Post blog entry titled "Surabhi Post - 12 Raga Surabhi - The journey so far and future directions" from Uma:

"With the completion of one year since the launch of Raga Surabhi, it is time to reflect and introspect on our journey so far. The sole idea of setting up Raga Surabhi was to create more awareness about carnatic music in relatively new beginners and enhance concert listening experience by making the raga identification process simple...

...I would like to mention here that the 100 ragas covered so far is a fairly good mix of all types of ragas.  We have handled ghana ragas like thodi, shankarabaranam... ragas with special emotive appeal like saramati, sahana, kalyanavasantham, kanada...

...The concept of signature is made possible by the unique sancharas which are characteristic and specific to a particular raga.  In the case of ragas with similar swaras, signature alone would not be sufficient" (more...)

Thank you again

Have a great week ahead

Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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