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Blog : Week 67 Updates

Dear Rasikas,We guess some of you would have charted your plans to attend various concerts lined up for the day unless rain plays spoil sport, as it has been since morning today at Chennai! Hope you enjoyed our last week's quiz, some of our rasikas were wondering why the second clue wasn't Kalyani :), it was a deliberate googly.  Most of our rasikas got it right, we are happy to note that.  We also realize there is an urgent need to compare Mandhari and Amrithavarshini since some of our rasikas have got them mixed up!  This week we have a comparison segment based on the quiz responses of the earlier weeks, primarily comparing Bahudhari, Nagaswaraali and Gambeera Naatai.  In fact one of our rasika had requested to include Gambeera Naatai as well, that is why you see a triple raga comparison this week.We will share details about Uma's concerts during this music season in the next weekly update.  In the meanwhile, do listen to our weekly updates and keep sending in your quiz answers as usual.Have a great week ahead!Raga Surabhi Team 

This week's update features the following::

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