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Blog : Week 105 Updates

This week is a special week for all of us at Raga Surabhi. Guess What? Raga Surabhi completes 2 full years on 30th Aug 2011! This has been entirely possible because of the constant support and motivation from our rasikas across the globe.  Unlike the customary special quizzes, we have something entirely different. 

We are much delighted to launch a new segment, named Laya Lahari, to help rasikas understand and appreciate the various aspects of laya in carnatic music.  We propose to do it by way of lecture-demonstrations along with short write ups where necessary. The idea of Laya Lahiri was triggered by several rasikas writing and asking us to cover laya aspects. We have not come across similar initiatives on the Internet and hope that rasikas find it useful.

We would like to thank Mridangam Vidwan, Thillaisthanam Shri. R. Suriyanarayanan, who is literally the voice behind Laya Lahiri.
When we approached Shri Suri with the request of working with us for 'Laya Lahari', he immediately liked the idea and enthusiastically accepted to perform the lecuture-demonstrations for us.  Being a senior vidwan and a busy performer round the year, it is indeed a special privilege for Raga Surabhi to feature him in this exclusive segment.  We, once again, thank him for his time and for supporting and joining us in this exciting journey into the world of carnatic music.

We hope you will enjoy his lucid tamil explanations as much as his demonstrations. We eagerly look forward to your feedback on our new segment, do let us know!

On a completely different note, we have to share a 'not so good' news with you.  In the recent past, our regular followers would have noticed that there have been several weeks with lean updates with occasional raga comparisons and full songs.  The reason for this is Uma has been having problems with her throat for the last two months that have been diagnosed as more serious than a weather induced sore throat. As per medical opinion, this will take at least a few months to recover. Uma will try her best to keep the updates going with whatever she can and whenever she feels comfortable would do more raga episodes or full songs.  With the best wishes of all Raga Surabhi rasikas, we are confident Uma would recover much sooner.

Thanks again and do continue to participate in the quizzes.

This week's update features the following::

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