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Blog : Week 153 Updates

Dear Rasikas,We are glad to bring you the results of the Week 150 Special Quiz. The special quiz was like a marathon with lot of questions. Hats off to all rasikas who participated with enthusiasm. We are, yet again, impressed and humbled by the solid performances by rasikas. Thank you rasikas for supporting Raga Surabhi!Please check out the eagerly awaited Week 150 Special Quiz Results and Winners PageAnd now for the weekly update. we have uploaded a new raga, 'Manirangu' for you this week.  This is a very close raga to Sriragam and Madhyamavathi and that means that we would be naturally doing the comparison episode in the weeks to come :) Do stay connected.  Wish you all a great week ahead!Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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