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Blog : Week 300 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

It is 300 weeks of Raga Surabhi!!!

Surely it doesn't seem that long, does it? When we started Raga Surabhi, we thought we would do it for one week, and then may be the next couple of weeks and then it continued for a few more weeks and then for a few months and then for an year and then for a few years and so the journey continued and continues till date.

Without you, this journey would have probably ended long back! Thanks for being there, for writing those nice mails, for sharing our audio clips, for spreading the word and for tirelessly participating in our quizzes! Whether you have realized it or not, you have gotten integrated into the Raga Surabhi family!

Now for all of us, Raga Surabhi has become a habit. Just like we eat, we sleep, we google... we Raga Surabhi :)

What is special in this update? All of us know about 'Melakartha Ragas'. Is there an easy method to remember all the 72 ragas, in the correct order? This quest has resulted in an easy to remember Melakartha song: 'Sarala Melakarta'. This song is available on our site, Youtube and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure (All links right below the post). Uma has tuned the names of all the 72 ragas in a Ragamalika song format. The ragas in each Chakra have been tuned in one of the prominent ragas present in that Chakra. This week, you can enjoy listening to Melakarta Song - Part - I of the series, featuring the 36 Shuddha Madhyama ragas. We love it, we hope you would also like it! And if do, please do drop us a line!

Yes, yes, we are coming to the Special Quiz next :) Of course there is a Special Quiz, we look forward to your overwhelming participation, as always! Take the quiz here.
Week 300 Special Quiz

Do not forget the regular quiz answers and have a great week!

Raga Surabhi Team.
Sarala Melakarta: Part I (on Youtube):

Sarala Melakarta: Part I (on SoundCloud):

This week's update features the following::

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