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Blog : Week 303 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

Ananda Bhairavi.... What an amazing raga! Is it possible to remain unmoved when you hear Shyama Sastry's 'Marivere' or Dikshitar's 'Kamalamba'? How about listening to an unhurried alapana of Ananda Bhairavi? 'Raga for Relaxtion' segment this week, features a slow moving, soothing Ananda Bhairavi, please do check it out!

About the Special Quiz - 300, we are happy to note that the clues has indeed been useful to some. The deadline is fast approaching. For those rasikas, who have been postponing taking the quiz, there isn't much time left. Your answers should reach us on or before 17th June, 2015.

And remember the regular quiz too!

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Raga Surabhi Team.

This week's update features the following::

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