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Blog : Week 310 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

We, at Raga Surabhi, join millions of Indians the world over, in paying tributes to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam who passed away last week.

He has lived a life that is truly an inspiration for us all. This week, we have two compositions in memory of the great man.
First one is a tamil song, penned by Dr. S. Vasudevan and tuned by Uma in raga Hamsanadam and Sree ragam. (Sree Ragam was Dr. Kalam's favorite raga)
The next one is hindi composition, adapted from a poem written by Manish Kumar Gupta as a tribute to Dr. Kalam, again tuned by Uma in raga Hameer Kalyani

We found the verses of both the above songs very touching. Dr. Vasudevan's tamil poem traces the life of Kalam from his humble origins in Rameshwaram to becoming the President of India. Manish's soaring poem is an exhortation to one and all to fly on the "Wings of Fire" and fulfil Dr. Kalam's dream and vision of a strong and prosperous India by 2020.

Manish blogs at http://manishkg.tumblr.com/. You can listen to original version of Manish's "Kalaam Kehte They" hindi poem in Manish's soundcloud channel here

Dr. S. Vasudevan is the Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, AVIT, Chennai

Please do send in your quiz answers and have a great week!

Raga Surabhi Team.

This week's update features the following::

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