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Blog : Week 525 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

This week it is a mini celebration within a grand celebration! Yes, as we continue to celebrate our tenth year milestone, there is another milestone that we wouldn't want to miss, which is the 525th week :) So here are the special features -

Special song, Onamalarukal, which was released on our Youtube channel for Onam -

Of course, how can there not be a Special Quiz? Do check it out here -
Week 525 Special Quiz

We are happy to declare the results of the 'Carnatic Pictionary' quiz, Congratulations to all winners and participants, please do check out the results here -
10 Years Carnatic Pictionary Quiz Results

Here is the link to 'Rasika comments and best wishes - Part - 2', hope you will enjoy watching!

Keep your regular quiz answers coming and have a great week ahead!

This week's update features the following::

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