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Blog : Week 18 Updates

Dear Rasikas,
   Amidst a busy schedule of standing in early morning queues in Music Academy and attending concerts in various sabhas during the ongoing Chennai Music Season 2009, we are pleased to bring this week's update, which is Vaikunta Ekadesi special.

Week 18 Update:
 - Two Ragas: Kamas and Nalinakanthi
 - Weekly Quiz 18
 - Full Song

The full song for the week is "En Pallikondeeraiyya Shri Ranganatharae" a composition of Arunachala Kavi Rayar, in the ragam Mohanam, set to Adhi Thalam.   He is considered to be one among the famous tamizh composers.

He composed Rama Natakam, a musical based on Ramayana and was performed first at Srirangam.  There is an interesting anecdote around this. It was Arunchala Kavi's ardent wish that Rama Natakam be first staged at Srirangam and he was trying his best to convince the temple authorities there.  It is said that Lord Ranganatha appeared in his dream and said that the arangetram would happen at Srirangam if he composes a krithi in his name and that is when Arunachala Kavi composed this song.  

This week's update features the following::

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