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Blog : Week 21 Updates

Dear Rasikas,As we step into the 21st week, we are happy to introduce Surabhi Post, a new column by Uma. The focus of the column is to discuss fundamental aspects of Carnatic Music and to enlighten the general rasikas by keeping the discourse simple and easy-to-understandAs you are aware, we now have a reasonably good collection of important ragas in our Identifying Ragas section. While we will continue to add more ragas, we felt that it is important to gain a deeper understanding of the ragas covered so far. For instance, there are many ragas which are similar and difficult to distinguish from each other, for example, Bharavi and Mukhari, Anada Bhairavi and Reethi Gowlai, Poorvi Kalyani and Pantuvarali  and so on. Through Surabhi Post, we will dive deeper to address these and other subjects of interest. The format will be combination of both written text and audio content, as some points are best explained by examples and demostrations. As our guiding prinicple, this column will strive to simplify, without over-simplifying and explain grammar and technicalities in simple terms.We hope you will find this column interesting. As always, we look forward to your feedback, participation and support.Week 21 Update: New Raga added: Mukhari Weekly Quiz 21 Full song: Bantureethi Kolu, a popular Thyagaraja krithi     In this composition Thyagaraja pleads to Lord Rama to give the opportunity to be His servant and perform seva to Him.

This week's update features the following::

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