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Blog : Week 20 Updates

Dear Rasikas,It's another week and time for another update! This week is special because with this week's update we have reached a twin milestone of 20 weeks and 50 ragas!Yes, this is the 20th week since the launch of Raga Surabhi and and it is indeed a special and proud moment for the entire team. When we embarked on this journey of fathoming the world of carnatic music, to be frank with you, we were quite skeptical. Our doubts were on several counts - whether Raga Surabhi would reach those people for whom the site was created, whether the signature tunes (a unique concept introduced for the first time by us) would find acceptance with the rasikas, whether the rasikas would find the signature tunes helping them out with raga identification and lastly whether people would respond back to us with their feedback amidst the din and bustle of day to day life!  But, your comments and mails proved us wrong and all our skepticism faded away within the first few weeks of the launch of the site! All the encouraging and motivating feedback from your end kept us going and has brought us this far.  Really, each one of your comments, feedback mails and quiz answers is precious and important to us and they get the entire credit for making Raga Surabhi go steadily through all these weeks. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you!!!Though there are hundreds of ragas, the 50 ragas so far covered are the important ones that find place in any concert platform.  In fact, this year's music fest saw atleast 60 - 70% of these ragas feature in the concerts of both the leading and upcoming artists.  So, if one is thorough with these 50, they can consider themselves sufficiently carnatic literate!And as always, please do not forget to mail us your feedback and quiz answers! Please spread the word about Raga Surabhi to your friends, relatives and carnatic music students.  More the rasikas, more the rasa........   We have a few special updates and important announcements  for this week:- Raga Surabhi Theme Music: Yes, we like to celebrate a bit now that we have completed 20 weeks :-). And, well, we thought, how about a theme music for this site. After all, what is a carnatic music website without theme music of its own. So, we are very happy to announce the launch of The Raga Surabhi Theme Music. Please do listen to it and download to your mobile phones and set as ringtones (Nokia AMR ringtone format). This theme music is composed by Uma and supported by Ramasubramaniam and Master Siddharth S Ramalingam (on Keyboard). This is the first time Siddharth has played for Raga Surabhi and we hope that there are many more to come - Full Song: A very special song in the Full Songs category: This song is  Kalaiyo Peridhu.  This song was composed by Uma's Guru, Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar, as an invocation piece for a conference on higher education, held in Chennai, a couple of months earlier.  Though a short one, the song is rich in both its lyrical and musical content and brings forth the importance of education in one's life.- Weekly Quiz: As usual we have three questions, but instead of the cine song the question would feature only swara patterns of a particular raga from which one has to identify the raga.  This would hopefully make the quiz more interesting and also taje the rasikas to a higher level of awareness!  - Raga Surabhi on You Tube:We have made available select Raga Surabhi compositions on You Tube. Please do check them out here and subscribe to ragasurabhi channel on YouTube here:http://www.youtube.com/ragasurabhiWeek 20 Update:- Two ragas (regular update)  Neelambari and Subha Pantuvarali and Two ragas (special update for week 20) Suddha Saveri and Vachaspathi. - Raga Surabhi Theme Music- Weekly Quiz- Full Song

This week's update features the following::

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