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Blog : Week 25 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

With this week's update, we have completed 25 weeks of Raga Surabhi. It is a special occasion for us, a time to celebrate and certainly a great moment to cherish! A special thanks to each one of our rasikas for having joined us in this musical journey and for keeping us motivated with their appreciation, feedback and quiz answers.

We have the following special feature additions to website coinciding with this milestone.

Raga Surabhi Logo - We are happy tell you that Raga Surabhi website now has its own logo. This has been made possible solely due to the creativity and imagination of Mr. K. Shafeek, colleague of Mr. G Ramasubramaniam, who has put in his valuable time and effort to design this logo. We love the logo and hope you like it too. We express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Shafeek. The logo contains seven rainbow colours symbolising sapthaswaras and the musical instruments are synonymous with carnatic music. Please feel free to download the logo artwork for your personal use.

Testimonials Page - We are delighted to put up this page to showcase some really nice feedback we have got through the weeks gone by. We thank our esteemed rasikas for agreeing to share their thoughts on this website.

New Email Address - We have finally configured our backend to receive email at ragasurabhi.com domain. Henceforth, we request you to send any feedback and suggestions to the new email address:
(Please note that the old email address will continue to remain active for the foreseeable future)

Feedback and suggestions: ragasurabhi AT ragasurabhi DOT com
Weekly Quiz Answers: quiz AT ragasurabhi DOT com.

Week 25 Update:
New Raga added: Shri Ragam
Week 25 Quiz (Special Quiz)
Silver Jubilee special song - Ragamalika
This ragamalika composed by Cuddalore Subramanyam is a beautiful piece made up of more than twenty ragas. The beauty lies in the fact that each line has been composed in a different raga and lyrics are made meaningful by bringing in the name of the raga itself, much like our own "Raga Signatures".

Hope you this week's update and do not forget to email us at our NEW email address

Thanks and have a great week!

Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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