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Dear Rasikas,

Raga Surabhi is happy to present a new segment as part of the weekly update for this week.  To make the raga identification process more complete it is important we learn to differentiate between allied or twin ragas.  There are many such pairs of ragas which have a bare single swara difference in their Arohanam-Avarohanam, making the raga identification process slightly challenging for a new learner.  We are glad to begin the twin raga differentiation with the classic Poorvi Kalyani-Pantuvarali pair, which also happens to be one of our rasika enquiries.  We intend to discuss  many more of such twin raga pairs, like keeravani-simendra madhyamam; abhogi - sriranjani; madhyamavati-shri ragam etc. in the weeks to come.  The fact that many of our rasikas have identified keeravani as simendra madhyamam in the last week's quiz, is a pointer for us to take up keeravani and simendra madhyamam pair in the next episode.

Week 27 Update:
The full song for this week is a song from Abirami Andhathi, a collection of hundred poems composed by Abirami Pattar.  Abirami Pattar was an ardent devotee of Goddess Shri Abirami, at Thirukadaiyur.  'Antham' means 'end' and 'aathi' means 'beginning'.  That is, the ending of one poem forms the beginning of the next one. In this song 'Dhanam tharum, kalvi tharum', Abiraami Pattar says that the kataaksham of Abirami will bestow upon her devotees all wealth, prosperity and divinity.
Please visit the link below for knowing more about Abirami Anthathi.


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This week's update features the following::

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