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Blog : Week 42 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

We are glad to be back with three new ragas as a part of this week's update, Begada, Bahudhari and Mohanakalyani. 

Many of our rasikas have been writing to us asking us to provide greater insight in to swara sthanas.  While we appreciate our rasikas wanting to go deeper in to the realms of carnatic music, we must admit that there is no real method other than learning carnatic music to get a hang of swaras.  However, we would like to do introduce small exercises that might make rasikas appreciate and understand the swara sthanas with better clarity.  As a first step, we have included the audio files of various swara sthanas in Surabhi Post 7.  Please do listen to them and get back to us with your comments and suggestions.  In the coming weeks we plan to add some swara identification exercises in our weekly updates. Hope you will find them useful.  

We also present the Bhairavi-Mukhari comparison ( a large number of rasika requests for this pair) in our 'Twin Raga' segment. In the comparison segment, we have discussed the key sancharas for identification of Mukhari.  Mukhari can also be identified through other subtle nuances. However, in order not to confuse rasikas     with too many, we have deliberately kept it simple!  As always, we look forward to your feedback on this and let us know if this has been useful

The full song for the week is also a rasika request, Arulavendum Thaye, in the raga Saramati, set to Adi tala, a composition of Dandapani Desikar. 

Note: As we had mentioned before, we have not been able to find Cine songs for the ragas that we have handled in recent past. However, Mr. Hareesh came to our rescue and shared a link of raga based malayalam cine songs. Thanks Mr. Hareesh! We have enthusiatically attemped one song from that list for begada raga. Kindly bear with any pronunciation/diction errors 

Hope you enjoy them all!

Week 42 Update:
Have a great week!

Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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