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Blog : Week 44 Updates

Dear Rasikas,We are excited to share some great news along with this week's update.  We have upgraded our recording infrastructure to improve the quality of audio clips. We are fortunate to have well wishers like Mr. Venkat, who spent quite some effort and gave us valuable inputs on improving the quality of recordings.  Based on his suggestions we have bought an iMic and an external microphone; we feel this has greatly improved the audio quality and we are eager to know your feedback.  Thanks to Mr. Vijaykumar as well who helped us in shipping the equipment from the US.  This is proof enough for the kind of support that we have received from all you - this is what has been driving us this far.Now about this week's update, as usual, we have our regular sections plus the DIY series launched last week.  Atana and Thilang are our new ragas for the week.  We wish to make a special mention about Atana, considered a scholarly raga with complicated swara sequences more than one acceptable arohanam - avarohanam.  In Raga Surabhi we have published one of the commonly adopted arohanam - avarohanam.The full song for the week, Sangeeta Samrajya Sancharini, was requested by couple of our rasikas. This is a beautiful composition on Goddess Sharada Devi of Sringeri by Ramamurthi Rao.  Hope you like it. Week 44 Update:Have a great week ahead!Raga Surabhi

This week's update features the following::

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