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Blog : Week 336 Updates

Dear Rasikas,

We are happy to introduce Quiz Leaderboard starting this week.

The concept is simple. We look at all the weekly quizzes of a given month (usually 4, sometimes 5) and based on relative performance, Top 10 winners are featured on the Leaderboard. Do check out Jan 2016 Leaderboard (click here) for current Top 10 winners based on Week 332-335. Note that winners may still change after this week's Quiz 336.

Note that we give weightage to early birds. So, sooner you submit your quiz response, the more you increase your chances of being featured in Leaderboard. We hope you like this feature and will be eager to collect your Gold and Purple star badges. And, by the way, there's something about these stars.. Please stay tuned for more details in coming weeks! :)

This week's update features a 'Raga for Relaxation' in Mishra Sivaranjani. We hope you will let your anxieties and tensions dissolve in the melody of this raga. Raga for Relaxation Mishra Sivaranjani

We await your quiz answers, do keep them coming!

Have a great week ahead!

Raga Surabhi Team

This week's update features the following::

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